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Bailey, Mike. Liberator Album, B-24s of the 2nd Air Division USAAF.

††††††††††† p. 68 Photo of B-24H 42-52770, The Ruptured Duck, after leaving the 34th.

††††††††††† p. 87 Photo of The Ruptured Duck noseart.

††††††††††† p. 129 Photo of B-24H 42-94880, Misschief.

††††††††††† p. 132 Photo of Feather Merchant, incorrectly identified. Could be the 34th BG

Mizry Merchant.

††††††††††† p. 169 Photo of Betta Duck artwork. B-24J 44-40454.


Bowman, Martin. Castles in the Air, New Edition.

††††††††††† p. 183 The only mention of the 34th BG. Tells of a B-17 that crashed appempting to take off in a snow storm on 5 Jan.

]†††††††††††††††††††††† 1945.


Bowman, Martin. The US Eighth Air Force in Camera: 1944-1945.

p. 18 Third Division B-24s leave their target.

††††††††††† p. 19 Third Division over Hannover.

p. 76 Photo of B-24J 44-40454 Betta Duck in late markings, letter G.

p. 78 2 photos of B-17G 43-38223, Days Pay, that flew one mission, Oct. 17,

1944 as part of the 34th BG Low Squadron, a composite Squadron of

planes from the 34th and 493rd Bomb Groups.


p. 85 Photo of a mission photographer holding the K-20 camera.

p. 86 Photo of 34th BG B-17s in formation.

p. 91 Photo of B-24J 44-40458 Picadilly Tilly with crew. Caption contains errors.

p. 108,109,111 good detailed nose photos of B-24Js close to 34th serial numbers.

p. 131 Photo of B-24H 42-94811 Tommy Thumper II, crashed on 22 Jan 1945

with its new unit, the 467th BG.


Ethell, Jeffrey. B-17 Flying Fortress.

††††††††††† p. 71 Color photo of B-17G 43-38138, Ole-Timer.

††††††††††† p. 72 Color photo of B-17G 43-38286, The Flying Dutchmen.


Ethell, Jeffrey. Bomber Command.

††††††††††† p. 80 Photo of Sick Bay at 65th General Hospital, where 34BG wounded were

most likely taken.

††††††††††† p. 90 Photo of Tondelayo, a B-24J that may have flown with the 34th BG.

††††††††††† p. 104 Photo of 34th BG B-17, 43-38138, Ole-Timer.

††††††††††† p. 105 Photo of 18th Squadron B-17 getting an engine change.

††††††††††† p. 106 Several 18th Squadron B-17s at their hardstands.

††††††††††† p. 111 Photo of a 34th BG B-17 on its way back from a food drop mission

photographed by Maj. Brown, photographer, flew with Stemen crew in B-

17 44-6939 on the May 2nd, food drop to Utrecht.

††††††††††† p. 118 A B-17 of the 18th Squadron.

††††††††††† p. 124 7th Squadron B-17, 43-38286 The Flying Dutchmen.

††††††††††† p. 127 493rd BG B-24 Katrinka. May be 34th BG Powerful Katrinka.

††††††††††† p. 131 Photo of B-24J 44-40458, Betta Duck, letter B; and another of 34th BG B-

17s returning from Food Drop to Utrecht, May 2, 1945

††††††††††† p. 132 Photo of Capt. Mark Brown, (same photographer as above?)

††††††††††† p. 133 Photo of B-17 returning from Utrecht, May 2, 1945.

††††††††††† p. 140 Photo of B-24 42-51190, Ann.

††††††††††† p. 143 Excellect photo of radio control jeep, and B-24 42-50585, Small Change

II, before name was applied.


Freeman, Roger. The Mighty Eighth in Color.

p. 33 Color photo of B-24H 42-52768 Leo, while with the 493rd BG. Also shown

is Katrinka, possibly the Powerful Katrinka of the 34th BG, and three NMF B-24Js.

††††††††††† p. 45 Good photo of ground vehicles at Eye. Mendlesham would have been


††††††††††† p. 46 Photo of 44-8158 Bobby Sox, which was flown by at least a couple of 34th

BG crews.

††††††††††† p. 98 Photos of B-24J 44-40458 Betta Duck as letter B, and B-24H 42-51190,

Ann, although the name does not show.

††††††††††† p. 99 Photos of 34th BG B-17s.

††††††††††† p. 156 At least one 34th BG B-17 visible in this photo of Kingman, AZ.

††††††††††† p. 157 Another photo pf Kingman.


Valant, Gary M. Vintage Aircraft Nose Art.

††††††††††† p. 14 Sketch of Leo, B-24 41-29605.

††††††††††† p. 52 Photo of Tempest Turner, B-17 43-38216.

††††††††††† p. 90 Color photo of Leo, B-24

††††††††††† p. 92 Color photo of B-17, Bobby Sox.

††††††††††† p. 93 Color photo of Tondelayo, B-24J.

††††††††††† p. 127 Photo of Slamminí Spammy, B-24H 42-52637.

††††††††††† p. 149 Photo of B-24J, This Above All, 44-40328.