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34 Bomb Group Marshalling Chart May 24, 1944 at 2140 hours
Transcribed by Gary Ferrell, 34th Bomb Group Association, January 2003, updated with corrections in April 2004.

The document only gives the last four digits of the serial number. I have added the rest plus the names, when known and other identifying notes.
Hardstands are number from the control tower, clockwise around the field back to the tower.

Hanger near the Control tower
42-52496 Rum Runner (became B/L if not already)
  41-29562 Tommy Thumper (Had suffered a landing accident May 17, 1944)
  42-94880 Misschief (became E/H if not already)

HS 1 42-94930 E/S Kisco Kid
HS 1A 42-52696 E/N Cookie's Wailing Wall
HS 1B 42-94799 Paper Doll (perhaps last day as E/J)

HS 2A obstructed
HS 2B 42-52759 E/F Lucille
HS 2B 41-29605 E/K unk (Gee equipped) (later became Leo w/486BG)

HS 3 obstructed
HS 3A 42-94919 E/D Smokey
HS 3B 41-28884 E/O Shadrach (Gee equipped) (later Problem Child W/486BG)
HS 3B 41-29559 E/P Belchin' Bessie

HS 4 41-28851 E/M Near Sighted Robin
HS 4A 41-29598 E/C Chesty (Gee equipped)
HS 4B 42-94824 E/Q Umbriago

HS 5A P-38 serial ending in 148
HS 5B empty

HS 6A 42-94818 E/B Captain John Silver
HS 6A 41-28865 E/R LONI
HS 6B 41-28877 E/I Sooner
HS 6B 42-94908 E/E Tiger Rag

HS 7A 42-94845 E/A unk
HS 7B 42-94851 Big Dealer (never flew combat w/34BG)
HS 7B 41-29557 E/L unk (later became Shadrach replacing the original Shadrach 41-28884)

HS 8A 41-29566 D/H War Eagle
HS 8A 42-94911 D/Q Sweet Souix
HS 8B 42-94755 D/D Weary Willie

HS 9A 42-94775 D/M unk
HS 9A 41-29567 D/B Bambi
HS 9B 42-94758 D/G (Feather) Merchant (probably originally was Feather Merchant with the word Feather obscured by armor plate on co-pilot side.)
HS 9B 42-94787 D/C Set 'em Up

HS 10A 42-52707 D/P Open Season
HS 10A 42-94745 D/A The Bold Sea Rover (Gee equipped)
HS 10B 42-94893 D/E Hell's Belle
HS 10B 42-94790 D/O T. N. Toni

HS 11A 41-29555 D/I Powerful Katrinka
HS 11B 41-29560 D/L Rat Poison
HS 11B 42-52770 D/N Ruptured Duck

Hanger in 4th Squadron area
42-94869 D/J Male Call
41-29522 D/F Dynamite 'N Dodo (Gee equipped) (original, later replaced by 42-52755)

HS 12A 41-29548 D/V The Flying Devil
HS 12A 42-94811 D/K Tommy Thumper II
HS 12B empty

HS 13A 41-29542 B/H Rough House Kate
HS 13A 42-94889 B/O Patches
HS 13B 42-94904 B/P Belle of the Brawl
HS 13B 42-94757 B/M The Dugan Wagon

HS 14A 42-52637 B/K Slammin' Spammy
HS 14B 41-28878 B/J Heavenly Body

HS 15A 42-94815 B/B unk
HS 15B 42-94794 B/I unk
HS 15B 41-28840 B/R (was to have been Smoky but name never painted on)

HS 16A empty
HS 16B 42-94762 B/F The Uninvited

HS 17A 42-94879 B/D Collapsible Susie
HS 17A 42-94768 B/N Betty Jayne
HS 17B 41-29464 B/Q The Un-Limited
HS 17B 42-94782 B/G Off Limits

HS 18A 42-94766 L/F Crow's Nest
HS 18A 42-52738 L/O Wilson
HS 18B 42-94890 L/J Donald Duck
HS 18B 41-29569 L/C Cock of the Sky

HS 19A 42-94861 L/B The Dutchess
HS 19B 42-94748 L/A Undecided

HS 20A 42-94771 L/N unk
HS 20A 41-28880 L/E unk (Gee equipped)
HS 20B 42-94780 L/M Smitty
HS 20B 41-29518 L/H Picadilly Lucy

HS 21A 41-28849 Fightin' Rebel (never flew combat w/34BG)
HS 21B 42-94770 L/I Salutation Rose

HS 22A 42-94883 L/K The Hit Parade
HS 22A 42-94849 L/D Maid of Fury (maybe, but not the one in the photos)
HS 22B 42-94796 L/Q Me Worry?
HS 22B 42-52750 L/G unk

HS 23A empty
HS 23B empty

HS 24A empty
HS 24B empty

HS 25 empty

HS 26 P-51B-15-NA 42-106931