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34th BG B-17s in order by name


Agets                                       44-8282                                                           G-55-VE

Asphodel                                  43-39179         See also Shaky                         G-105-BO

Bachelor’s Baby                       ?                      B-24 – yes; B-17 – perhaps according to Forman

Bermondsey                             42-37792         no combat with 34th BG            G-10-DL

Betty                                        43-38409                                                         G-85-BO

Big Gear, The                           43-38343         Also see Emily                          G-85-BO

Blind Date                                44-6822                                                           G-65-DL

Bobby Sox                               44-8158                                                           G-50-VE

Bottoms Up                              43-38326         yes, there were 2                      G-85-BO

Bottoms Up                              44-8320           yes, there were 2                      G-60-VE

Breezy Louise                           ?                      In Forman

Butch                                       44-8271                                                           G-55-VE

Chesty – V                               43-38059         In Foster crew photo                G-75-BO

Conga Babe                             43-38292                                                         G-85-BO

Dallas Dollie                             44-8237                                                           G-55-VE

Dangerous Damsel                    44-6296           R. H. Wright crew regular         G-50-DL

Days Pay                                  43-38223                                                         G-80-BO

Dies Irae                                  43-38263                                                         G-80-BO

Dinah – Mite                            44-8283           earlier Lucky 13                       G-55-VE

Dinah – Mite II                         ?                      In Forman

Dreambaby                              42-32025         no combat with 34th BG            G-35-BO

Dugan Wagon                          ?                      B-24 – yes; B-17 perhaps, in Forman

Duke the Spook                       43-38972         earlier Lucie                              G-100-BO

Emily                                        43-38343         See The Big Gear                     G-85-BO

Evadin’ Maiden                        44-6929                                                           G-70-DL

False Courage                          44-8457           See also Rapid City Spook       G-65-VE

Fancy Nancy                            44-6465                                                           G-50-DL

Fast Company                          43-38789                                                         G-95-BO

Flying Dutchmen                       43-38286                                                         G-85-BO

Flying Fish                                ?                      In Dold crew photos. Could be 43-38325 G-85-BO

Gallopin’ Ghost                        43-38332                                                         G-85-BO

Gibson Girl                               ?                      In Forman

Going My Way                         43-37960                                                         G-75-BO

Golden Gate in ’48                   44-8482           See also Hellgate Lady             G-65-VE

Goom-Bah                               44-8327           In Forman

Gotta Haver                             43-38367                                                         G-85-BO

Happy Warrior                         ?                      In Forman

Heavenly Comrade                   43-38590         no combat with 34th BG            G-90-BO

Hellgate Lady                           44-8482           See also Golden Gate in ‘48     G-65-VE

Hit and Run                              43-38391                                                         G-85-BO

Homesick Angel, The               ?                      In crew photos & in Forman

Homeward Bound                    ?                      Regular plane of Curtiss crew

Johnny Reb                              44-8015                                                           G-45-VE

Joy Rider                                  43-38299         earlier Outa Dis World              G-85-BO

Kerry                                       44-8670                                                           G-75-VE

Knockout Dropper                   44-8731                                                           G-80-VE

Lili Marlene                              43-38353                                                         G-85-BO

Little Emma                              ?                      In Forman

Little Gismo                              44-6938                                                           G-70-DL

Little King                                43-38378                                                         G-85-BO

Lucie                                        43-38972         later Duke the Spook                G-100-BO

Lucky 13                                  44-8283           later Dinah – Mite                     G-55-VE

Maid of …                               43-38113         In Forman; See Wee Willie’s Wolves

Mail Call                                  43-38300                                                         G-85-BO

Marge                                      44-6840                                                           G-65-DL

Mason and Dixon                     42-31412         no combat with 34th BG            G-15-BO

Mean Kid                                 44-8185                                                           G-50-VE

Mikkey                                    44-8235           In Forman

Missbehaven Raven                  43-38280                                                         G-85-BO

Miss Betsy                               43-38419                                                         G-85-BO

Miss Purdy                               44-8556                                                           G-70-VE

Miss Purty                                44-6820                                                           G-65-DL

Miss Teresa                              ?                      In Forman

Mizpah                                     44-6939                                                           G-70-DL

No Flak Hey                            ?                      In Forman

            (actually “No Flak! Huh?” was also on 43-38280 Missbehaven Raven.)

No Gum Chum                         43-38416                                                         G-85-BO

Off Limits III                            ?                      In Forman

Ol’ Buddy                                44-8309                                                           G-60-VE

Old Crow                                 43-38392                                                         G-85-BO

Old Times                                43-38912                                                         G-100-BO

Ole-Timer                                43-38138                                                         G-80-BO

Outta Dis World                       43-38299         later Joy Rider                          G-85-BO

Penny Jive                                43-37864                                                         G-75-BO

Phyllis Jo                                  44-8375           PFFon DTY from 490BG

Plow Jockey                             ?                      photo of flight jacket with this name

Plow Lucky                              ?                      In Forman; should this not be Plow Jockey?

Purple Shaft, The                      ?                      In Forman

Putry Chili                                44-8629                                                           G-75-VE

Queenie                                    ?                      In Forman as 43-38332 but incorrect

Queenie                                    ?                      In Forman – possibly two of them

Rainbow                                   43-38372                                                         G-85-BO

Rapid City Spook                     44-8457           See also False Courage            G-65-VE

Rid n Hi                                    ?                      Plane of Crouse crew according to surviving crewmember

Roger’s Dodgers                      ?                      In Forman as 43-38299 – incorrect?

Roll Me Over                           43-38820         no combat with 34th BG            G-95-BO

Sex Maniacs, The                     43-38410                                                         G-85-BO

Shaky                                       43-39179         Also see Asphodel                    G-105-BO

Shame                                      ?                      In Forman

Short and Sweet                       43-38959                                                         G-100-BO

Skipper                                    43-38235                                                         G-80-BO

Slic Chick                                 ?                      In Forman

Smoke Marker                         ?                      In Forman

Smoky Joe                               43-38415         or Smokey Joe                         G-85-BO

Snake Bit                                 43-38351                                                         G-85-BO

Start Swimming                        ?                      In Forman but serial # given is incorrect

Sugar                                       43-38365         (or Sugah)                                G-85-BO

Sweet Seventeen                      43-38991                                                         G-100-BO

Take Off Time                          ?                      In Forman

Tempest Turner                        43-38216                                                         G-80-BO

Thelma Jane                             ?                      In Bowen crew photos

Toni-7                                      43-38380                                                         G-85-BO

Tyson’s Tramps                        43-38257                                                         G-80-BO

Ugly Duckling, The                   ?                      In Forman

V-Mail Gets There Fastest        42-30451         no combat with 34th BG            F-105-BO

Wee Willie’s Wolves                43-38113                                                         G-80-BO

Winnie the Pooh                       ?                      B-24 – yes; B-17? In Forman, questionable

Winnie the Pooh II                    ?                      In Forman

Winnie the Pooh III                  ?                      In Forman

Witchita Belle                           ?                      In Forman, but a US based trainer

Worry Bird, The                       ?                      In photo

Wrangler, The                          43-38294                                                         G-85-BO

Yankee Doodle Angel              ?                      In Forman