44-8185 Mean Kid (PFF) MIA 9-27-44




July 5, 1944 Delivered to Dallas

July 31, 1944 to Langley

August 21, 1944 Dow Field

August 30, 1944 Assigned to 4th Squadron, 34th Bomb Group, Mendlesham.


Mission #69 September 27, 1944 44-8185 H/P 391BS Blackburn MIA


B-17G 44-8185 H/P “Mean Kid” Missing in Action Ludwigshaven by flak. #2 engine and trailing edge of the left wing on fire. Stayed in formation 2-3 minutes while up to 3 crewmembers bailed out. Made 90 degree turn and jettisoned bombs while at least one more crewman bailed out. Made another 90 degree turn going into a  steep dive, apparently trying to put out the fire. Last seen apparently under control, holding altitude with #2  engine feathered but still on fire. Crashed Stromburg, Germany. Pilot: Capt. Blackburn. Missing Air Crew Report # 9367. 11 Prisoner of War.

POW BLACKBUN JAMES R (P)                      CAPT     4              O-433454                15

POW LIAN ELMER T (CP)                                1 LT        4              O-386909                14

KIA ORR CURTIS E (N)                                     1 LT        4              O-703295                12            HOUSTON TX

POW PEARCE ROBERT C (B)                           1 LT        4              O-684190

POW HUEBLER ROBERT O (TT)                     T/SGT    4              32720094                12

POW OYSTER JOHN B (R)                                T/SGT    4              33452904                12

POW WOLF JOHN E (WG)                                S/SGT     4              13075161                13

POW STELLMACH ROBERT E (N)                 1 LT        391          O-704085               

POW BURTON HOWARD C (Com P)             MAJ       HQ          O-364882                13

POW DAVIS WALTER (Mickey Op)               2 LT        94BG       O-677189                1

POW DENTER JOHN J (NG)                              S/SGT     4              32856371                11

NOTE: Orr is also listed in one source as POW.