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44-8246 unknown name MIA 11-2-44 with 493BG



July 9, 1944 Delivered to Dallas

July 22, 1944 to Hunter

September 10, 1944 to Grenier

September 16, 1944 Assigned to the 861st Squadron, 493rd Bomb Group, Debach

Loaned to the 4th Squadron, 34th Bomb Group, Mendlesham


Listed in Helton's Hellcats

As with 493BG, 861st Squadron


Mission #85 October 30, 1944 44-8246 with 493BG


                       November  2, 1944 MIA on mission to Merseburg with Capt. Vernon G. Alexander. Hit by flak and crashed at Sommerda, Germany. 4 KIA, 7 POW. MACR 10169.