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44-8375 Phyllis Jo


Aug 25, 1944 Delivered to Dallas

September 19, 1944 to Langley

October 13, 1944 to Dow Field

October 14, 1944 assigned to 848th Squadron, 490th BG at Eye.

October 15, 1944 transferred to 332 Squadron, 94th BG at Rougham as XM*S

October 17, 1944 transferred to 398th BG at Nuthampstead. Named Phyllis Jo.


The above transferred dates are very suspect as it is clear that in December this aircraft still at least nominally belonged to the 490th BG but, as a Pathfinder, was on detached service with the 4th Squadron of the 34th BG and was using a 34th BG R/T code.


                       December 12, 1944 44-8375 H/Y Manlove (PPF) flew with 490BG

Flew Lead of Lead Squadron of 490BG

Manlove (P)

Maj. Halloran (Command Pilot)

Capt. Humphrey (Lead Navigator)


                         December 24, 1944 44-8375 H/Y Cavin (PFF) flew with 490BG

Flew Lead of Low Squadron of 490BG

Cavin (P)


                         December 31, 1944 44-8375 R/E now at Eye on Hardstand #41 with a 490BG RT code