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42-52496 Rum Runner



This plane had white stars.


See photo in Heltonís Hellcats, p.52.




Mission #6 May 29, 1944 42-52496 B/L 18BS Dees 




Missions with the 486BG. Name while with the 486BG was probably Robin-D-Cradle.


486BG Mission #1 May 7, 1944 42-52496 T/B Hicks

486BG Mission #2 May 8, 1944 42-52496 T/B Stuart

486BG Mission #3 May 9, 1944 42-52496 T/B Hicks


Transferred to the 34th BG. Name while with the 34BG is unknown but is usually referred to as Rum Runner.


†††††††††††††††††††† May 24, 1944 42-52496

On 34BG Marshalling Chart in the Hanger near the Tower at 2140 hours.


Mission #6 May 29, 1944 42-52496 B/L 18BS Dees 

Took off at 0754 hours from Hardstand #15.

Flew position 4-1 Squadron.

Carried 10 500 lb GP bombs. Dropped on the Primary at 1235 hours from 21,300 feet.

Slight damage reported.

Landed 1636 hours.

#2 cylinder head temperature inoperative. Inspected and repaired.

Slight flak damage: to wing leading edge.

Dees, R. M. (P)

Dozier, J. F. (CP)

Maddux (N) (from crew #52)

McBee (B)

Lattin (R)

Aldrich, R. C. (E)

Fondren, H. M. (NG)

Hosack, V. J. (TG)

Walch, S. F. (BG)

Werner, B. (G)


Transferred to 493BG. Name while with the 493BG either was or became Rum Runner.


Transferred to 448BG.


1945 Returned to the US.