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42-52750 unknown name



A 34BG Original




Mission #1 May 23, 1944 42-52750 L/G 4BS Israelsen unknown name

Mission #2 May 24, 1944 42-52750 L/G 391BS Blair unknown name



Mission #1 May 23, 1944 42-52750 L/G 4BS Israelsen unknown name

Took off at 0515 hours from Hardstand #22.

Flew Lead of Lead Squadron

Carried 12 500 lb bombs. Dropped short of the Primary at 0856 hours from 15,000 feet.

Bombs fell "just short of target. Low Squadron  made direct hits, when they left 2 of the buildings were on fire."

Slight damage.

Top turret hydraulic leak causing inoperation. Replaced.

Left solenoid in nose turret inoperative, ckecked and found OK.

Right solenoid in ball turret inoperative, checked and found OK.

Landed 1153 hours.

Isrealsen (P)

Gerhardt (Command Pilot)

Kleinfall (N)

Campbell (B)

Van Buskirk (R)

Markham (E)

Ashley (NG)

Baglio (TG)

Abraham (BG)

Barclay (G)

Reed (N2)

Burkot, J. S. (position not shown)


Mission #2 May 24, 1944 42-52750 L/G 391BS Blair unknown name

Took off from Hardstand #22.

Flew Deputy Lead, position 1-2 in Low Squadron.

Carried 12 500 lb GP bombs. Dropped on the secondary target at 0922 hours from 22,000 feet.

No damage reported.

Oil leak #2 engine; clip on oxygen hose in nose turret broken. Inspected and being repaired.

Tail turret hydraulic line from Clarke control leaked in flight causing it to be inoperative. Replaced.

Right gun solenoid on ball turret inoperative in flight. Ckecked OK. Left gun Solenoid on nose turret inoperative in flight. Checked OK.

Blair, J. (P)

Wright, L. E. (CP)

Trutanich, A. A. (N)

Wender, M. S. (N2) (from crew #59)

Underwood, L. D. (E)

Turpin, R. E. (R)

Scott, W. W. (E)

Corbin, B. J. (BG)

Phillips, M. R. (TG)

Clemins, J. A. (G)

Hershenow (Command Pilot)


Transferred to 493BG.


                       June 14, 1944 42-52750 Brewer (493BG) MIA.

Crashed at Steene, France with the 493BG Brewer crew. 10 POW.

Brewer, Orville H. (P)           2 Lt         493BG     POW

Caldwell, Lothrop (CP)        F/O         493BG     POW

Hansen, Wilfred N. (N)       2 Lt         493BG     POW

Cohen, Herman (NT)           Sgt          493BG     POW

Duncan, Coleman C. (B)      2 Lt         493BG     POW

Kuchinos, Walter (TT)        T/Sgt      493BG     POW

Miller, Donnell F. (R)           S/Sgt      493BG     POW

Dye, Charles P. (BG)            Sgt          493BG     POW

Wilson, William (WG)         Sgt          493BG     POW

Nine, Francis M. (TG)          Sgt          493BG     POW