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LeBailly crew


Mission List


Mission #177 May 15, 1945 43-38415 B/A LeBailly


Mission and Crew Details


                     July 6, 1944 44-40328 LeBailly

Took off at 1531 hours on a flight to East Fortunate.

No landing time given.


Mission #177 May 15, 1945 43-38415 B/A LeBailly

Took off 0853 hours.

No details on this flight. Only shown on Take-off and Landing list.

Landed 2046 hours.

No crew loading lists.


44-8736 Unknown name. No 34BG combat missions


July 6, 1945 Returned to US Bradley

Flown to US by LeBailly with crew #29-34. See Microfilm reel B0115, p.1458.

LeBailly, Eugene B.                              Lt. Col    O-388618                Pilot                        1091          B-17 Pilot

Ray, Joseph H.                                     Major     O-442232                Co-Pilot                  2161

Metz, Charles F. Jr.                              Capt        O-798849                Nav                         1034          Navigator

Sweeney, Robert E.                              T/Sgt      16122291                Radio Op               757         Radio Operator- Mechanic-Gunner

Applegate, Elmer H.                             M/Sgt     35374919                Gunner                   502          Administrative Noncommissioned Officer

McBride, James T.                               Cpl          14185567                Gunner                   345          Truck Driver, Light         

Knudsen, Harold W.                           Sgt          19084815                Gunner                   405          Clerk-Typist

Topor, Albert C.                                   S/Sgt      32381250                Gunner                   502          Administrative Noncommissioned Officer

Black, Thomas W.                                S/Sgt      35303830                Gunner                   405          Clerk-Typist

Carney, Leo D.                                      M/Sgt     20922294                Crew Chief             750

Duke, Cecil H. A.                                  Major     O-903768                Passenger              9301          Intelligence Staff Officer

Gay, Robert S.                                       Major     O-468379                Passenger              2110

Morgan, Harry M.                                Capt        O-1702422              Passenger              3100 MC

Durham, Donald D.                              Capt        O-857237                Passenger              4822

Olszewski, Alfred J.                             Capt        O-499213                Passenger              3170 DC

Steiner, Alfred M.                                Capt        O-860339                Passenger              0220

Spayde, Donald E.                               T/Sgt      33352876                Passenger              673          Medical NCO

Kelly, John W.                                      S/Sgt      37528531                Passenger              667          Message Center Clerk

Haefelein, George W.                          Sgt          32778116                Passenger              405          Clerk-Typist

Stafford, James E.                                 Pfc          33582873                Passenger              511          Armorer ORD