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Parsons crew




CREW #72; 18th Squadron (as of March 2, 1945)

Mission #136 March 4, 1945 43-39071 B/K 18BS Parsons




CREW #72; 18th Squadron (as of March 2, 1945)

Parsons (P)

Webb (CP)

Heyn (N)

Lewis (Tog)

Cohen (R)

Mierley (E)

Morgan (BG)

Gross (TG)

Clayton (G)


Mission #136 March 4, 1945 43-39071 B/K 18BS Parsons

Mid-air Collision over France at Mandres (Z-2691). See below.


Mission #136 March 4, 1945 B-17G 43-39071 B/K Collided with aircraft 338 during assembly. One plane came down into the other from above. The tail came off the lower aircraft and half of the wing exploded, the two sections falling separately. The upper aircraft lost a wing tip and spun out of control into the clouds. One chute reported.  With 18BS. Pilot: Parsons.  No Missing Air Crew Report. 9 Killed in Action.

KIA PARSONS DEAN M   (P)                           2 LT        18            O-778933

KIA WEBB KENNETH R  (CP)                          2 LT        18            O-781723

KIA HEYN ROBERT W (N)                               F/O         18            T-134698                OH

KIA LEWIS PAUL T JR      (Tog)                      SGT        18            33746644

KIA MIERLY HARRY R (E)                               SGT        18            33758788

KIA COHEN MILTON S (R)                              SGT        18            36589718

KIA MORGAN NORMAN L (BT)                    SGT        18            38608770                TX

KIA CLAYTON VIRGIL R (WG)                       SGT        18            39726440

KIA GROSS MARK S (TG)                                SGT        18            37625231