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Peters crew


Mission List


No combat record.


Mission and Crew Details


CREW #58 (as of May 7, 1945)

Peters (P)

Hanaway (CP)

White (N)

Thompson (B)

Hunter (R)

Carlile (E)

Burke (TG)

Bible (BG)

Moor (WG)


42-???     (Serial number cannot be completely made out) Unknown Name.

B-17G (could be 42-102583)

Flown to the US by the Peters crew #23-34. See Microfilm reel B0115, p.1472.

Peters, Stephen A.                               2Lt          O-833571                Pilot                        1091          B-17 Pilot

Hanaway, Robert V.                             2Lt          O-783672                Co-Pilot                  1091          B-17 Pilot

White, Walter P. Jr.                              2Lt          O-2077989              Nav                         1034          Navigator

Thompson, Hugh A.                           F/O         T-134272                Bomb                      1035

Hunter Thomas G.                                Sgt          11042833                Radio Op               757         Radio Operator- Mechanic-Gunner

Carlile, Hollis B. Jr.                               Sgt          38481218                Engr                        748

Bible, Clyde E.                                      Cpl          34913065                Gunner                   611

Moor, Theodore C.                              Sgt          16130566                Gunner                   612

Burke, Douglas F.                                Clp          14139405                Gunner                   612

Baker, John P.                                       M/Sgt     12060832                Crew Chief             750

Lyons, Donald G.                                 Cpl          33587517                Passenger              867 Hdq.

Yanosek, Joseph M.                            Cpl          36578658                Passenger              867 Hdq.

Bullock, Ronald H.                               Cpl          32489218                Passenger              901

Hillis, Mahlon L.                                   Sgt          32363617                Passenger              901

Thompson, Harley O.                          Cpl          36612627                Passenger              901

Capuano, Amedeo E.                           2Lt          O-831914                Passenger              1091          B-17 Pilot

Adams, John B.                                    S/Sgt      17165329                Passenger              757         Radio Operator- Mechanic-Gunner

Robinson, Clayton                               S/Sgt      32845401                Passenger              748

Barrett, Winston W.                            Sgt          20907167                Passenger              612

Cornett, Arville C.                                Cpl          35792874                Passenger              867 Hdq.