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Young crew


Mission List


Mission #29 July 2, 1944 ???           ?/?   18BS Young - Boyd (lead)

Mission #35 July 14, 1944 ???         ?/?   18BS Young (Command Pilot)


Mission and Crew Details


                       June 14, 1944 44-40443 Young

Took off at 1624 hours on a local flight to Manston.

Landed 1928 hours.


                       June 17, 1944 44-40320 Young Generator Jennie

Took off at 1516 hours for local flight to Wharton.

Landed at 2057 hours back at Mendlesham.


                       June 23, 1944 serial # 9__  Young

Took off at 1145 hours on a Local flight.

Landed 1224 hours.


                       June 27, 1944 42-94815 B/B Young Frivolous Sal

Took off at 1445 on a flight to Tibinham.

Landed 1608 hours.


Mission #29 July 2, 1944 ???           ?/?   18BS Young - Boyd (lead)

Took off at 0541 hours in 44-40454 to ferry the Command Pilots to Sudbury

Took off at about 1000 hours from Sudbury in a 486th BG GH B-24

Flew Lead of Group A with target of Haute Cote.

Landed the GH plane back at Sudbury after the mission.

Landed at 1647 hours in 44-40454 bringing the Command Pilots back to Mendlesham.


                       July 8, 1944 41-29567 D/B Young  (and another name beginning with Ba.. not a 34BG pilot) Bambi

Took off at 1422 hours.

Landed 1649 hours.

This other pilot most like took out this flight, not Young.


                       July 8, 1944 42-94908 E/E Young Tiger Rag

Took off at 1447 hours.

No landing time recorded.


                       July 14, 1944 44-40267 Young

Took off at 1146 hours on a flight to Sudbury

Probably carried Burton to Sudbury to fly in 486th BG planes as Command Pilots for the day's mission.

Landed 2321 hours back at Mendlesham, after the mission.


Mission #35 July 14, 1944 ???         ?/?   18BS Young (Command Pilot)

Flew with a GH crew and ship belonging to the 486th BG, either 41-29500 or 42-94883.

486BG Lead Planes flown on this mission were as follows but I do not know which pilot Burton or Young flew with on this date.

41-29500 D/D Robinson

42-94883 D/B Blair


                       July 19, 1944 44-40421 B/F Young

Took off at 1755 hours on a flight to Sudbury (with a crew to retrieve 904?)

Landed 1832 hours.